Elmside Customer Promise

   As always we are working to ensure your happiness and here's how we intend to do it...

   Care and consideration for you and your car

  We will:

  •   Work competently and in your best interests
  • Treat you as a valued individual and respect and care for your property.

A flexible and convenient service

We will:

  • Provide flexibility and choice of dates and times for booking and collection
  • Ensure our price will be all-inclusive for the work we agree to undertake
  • Endeavour to diagnose a vehicle defect within 24 hours of the vehicle being presented to us
  • Offer free collection and delivery within a 3 mile radius (up to 10 minutes drive time) for pre-bookings
  • Provide a courtesy car or arrange onward mobility if your vehicle is to be kept overnight

Expertise and attention to detail with no surprises

We will:

  • Complete the work as agreed with you
  • Always gain your authority if any additional work is required
  • Keep you informed of progress and advise you when your car is ready
  • Complete a complimentary visual health check if your vehicle is left with us and include a professional recommendation of:

  1. Any components that require replacing immediately
  2. The point at which any part of your car should be re-checked in the near future
  3. Always use genuine parts and accessories

A clear explanation of our work

We will:

  • Ensure our invoice matches the booking price
  • Provide a full explanation of work completed and any charges made
  • Communicate clearly in an open and honest way avoiding jargon
  • Review the vehicle condition report and explain all work complet
  • Value your feedback and you can tell us what you liked and how we can improve further